Using and Understanding Google Maps – My Places

Maps SampleThe world of maps has been revolutionized in the last ten years. There have been many companies online who have been a part of these changes but arguably the greatest player is Google. They have pioneered the use of maps in websites and on hand held devices and laptops. There is now no excuse for getting lost or not knowing where you are. As long as you can get a signal you can refer to Google Maps.

Google Maps And My Business

what is google my businessMore recently the Google My Business (formally know as Google Places) feature has been used to refine how the search engine results are shown. This means that where someone is searching for a business in their locality, the search engines will promote those businesses that are geographically nearby. So for someone looking for a plumber in Dubai, UAE they would probably type up “Plumber Dubai”. In the results of the search a map will be displayed with flags showing the location of the plumbers nearby.

This is not an automatic process. If you own a business you need to sign up to Google Business and enter all your contact details. As your main website gains traction in the search engines so your prominence in the Google maps will be shown on a higher position. You obviously want your business to be in the first position with the ‘A’ flag showing your location.

local business google plusWhat do you do if your business is not shown on the results? Firstly you need to be patient. These listings are not updated minute by minute. You need to check regularly that your Google maps flag is showing. If after two months it is not there then you can put in a help ticket. One thing that will help you with this is to put a Google with your postcode or zip code on your website. This is a simple step that will speed up the process of Google recognizing the importance of your business. You will also need citations for your business name , address and phone and they should be consistent and inline with Google quality guideline.

Google Maps And Portable Devices

The other main use for Google maps is to put your business in a category listing. So if your business is a restaurant you should make sure to mention this category. Then when you imaginary visitor to Dubai looks at a map on his handheld phone all the nearby restaurants will be listed. This includes your restaurant. An extension of this is special offers. When google knows that someone is near your business you can promote an offer to someone’s phone giving a special discount or deal. This side of things is in its infancy right now. But expect to see a lot of this kind of advertising in the future in our large towns and cities.


The final aspect of getting around that Google maps addresses is that of getting directions to a place or business. You can set you present location within the map software and then ask for directions to the locations that you want to go to. You can even specify whether you are driving or on foot. This feature is now becoming part of the most sophisticated satellite navigation systems. It makes them far more flexible and useful than the old fashioned ones based on downloaded maps. Having live maps with traffic information and road works marked make travelling much less painful and irritating.

We trust you can see just how useful Google Maps has become in modern day life says SHS Services an SEO Dubai company. One of the frustrations for the developers is that many users still don’t know about these features. There is still a lot of education needed to make people comfortable with the technology that is available. If you try out the tools you have on your computer or on your handheld device you will find just how useful they are. So take the plunge and checkout Google maps.