Search Engine Optimization in 2015

Getting ready for a New Year in UAE is exciting. However, for the Internet marketer a new year often means some big changes in regards to SEO. In fact, most of the changes that are coming for 2015 have been coming about towards the end of 2014, but they are really going to take hold and control the way people market products in 2015. So this alone is going to drive marketers back to the drawing board to tune up and get ready for the new wave of changes.

Mobile Responsive Design ContentMobile content is really taking a big chunk of the search engine traffic day by day. While people may still want to hang onto the computer they have at home, when they are out and about, the first thing they do is fire up their tablet or cell phone. These two items are quickly becoming the favorite browsing tool for people all over the world and as more people are becoming tech savvy, the demand for mobile friendly sites is sure to grow.

Drop in traffic from seo in uaeSocial media has really started to take over the way the search engines are evaluating websites. People who have had blinders on for several years now, have started to see their websites take a major toll in the search engine rankings. The reason for this major drop is a complete lack of social media factors, which is something the search engines appear to be continuing to give weight to heading into 2015.

real time data graphsWaiting a day or two for information is going away quickly. In fact, a lot of the analytic programs are starting to adapt to provide real time data when people come to the website. This way the marketer can get the information right away and make changes to the site to guarantee what caused the last five visitors to leave is not on the website for the next ten visitors.

Googles-page-load-speedGoogle and the other search engines will start to use speed as a factor in determining rankings. While this has been going on for quite some time, it appears the search engines are going to continue this trend of using the faster websites first and this can make it hard for the little guys with a slow host. However, the search engines like speed and the instant results, not having to wait ten minutes for a website to load.

As always, something that has been preached time and time again, content is king. Repeat that again, content is king. The search engines have really started to wise up to the old methods of spinning articles and pulling up backlinks from websites with the same article. These are nothing more than what the search engines consider duplicate content, but a quick way to get to the cellar of the search engines because they want a good user experience, not one that is filled with what ifs. To avoid any type of penalty here, provide the websites with the best content possible, even if it means outsourcing all of the work.

Fighting the old issue of twenty keywords in the article is going to pull in traffic is just stupid. The search engines, have become so refined they now know if people are keyword stuffing their information. In fact, the search engines have become so smart a lot of them are starting to look at the LSI of a website. This has been talked about by quite a few marketers in the past, but never really broached in the open forum before. With the LSI terms, the search engines are going to finally start to find the words that are associated with a topic, to help determine how the website should rank.

SHS Services an SEO company in UAE stated that Marketing on the Internet is looking towards what could be some major changes in SEO starting in 2015. These changes will be for the betterment of the user of the search engines, but can drive some of the SEO experts insane because of the changes that they may have to make. Either way, the search engines will have a great time in bouncing websites around and slapping them, but also have a good time in helping people improve their websites content so the users will have a good time on the site.